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Article: Know More About Gold Figaro and Sterling Silver Chains

Know More About Gold Figaro and Sterling Silver Chains

In the world of where fashion trends some and disappear, there's something about the timeless about the allure of chains. They are more than just accessories and have an uncanny ability to stay in the trend and style. 

As I'm in the into the captivating world of jewelry, I keep collecting chains and each piece in my collection tells a story, not only of precious metals but of artistry and work that goes into creating these works of art. 

So, lets unlock the collection and see the magic they hold. 

Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain

Lets start with sterling silver Cuban Link Chain. Cuban link chains are a popular choice for necklaces come in different lengths and thicknesses. Wondering where the name is derived from? The name "Cuban link" is derived from its association with Cuban jewelry styles, where these chains have been popular. Sterling silver is an alloyed form of silver.

I also introduced a Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain after years requests. It is high polished solid Sterling Silvered chain manufactured in Italy.  

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Sterling Silver Box Chain

Next in the list I have for you is Sterling Silver Box Chain. It is perfect for ever day wear comes in various style and lengths. If you have piece that you want to wear on your chain, a box chain can be a great option

Check out an example of Sterling Silver Box Chain

Gold Cuban Link Chain

What is Gold Cuban Link Chain? Cuban link chain is also a type of jewelry chain made from gold just like Sterling Silver Cuban link chain, material used, distinguishes the Gold Cuban Link Chain. These chains are highly popular luxurious appearances and allow individuals to choose the style that suit their preferences.  

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Sterling Silver Figaro Chain

Sterling Silver Figaro Chains are recognized for its sophisticated vibe, popular for both men's ad women's jewelry and come in various widths and lengths. Those who prefer silver jewelry, Silver Figaro chain is a solid option for them. 

My 925 Sterling Silver Figaro Chain is polished 6mm Figaro Chain available in lengths between 18-24 inches. 

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